Akane Heiya
Japanese Name 塀谷 朱音 (ヘイヤ)
Rōmaji Name
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Alive
Specialty Spades
Occupation High school student
Voice Actor
Manga Debut Special Chapter Seven of Spades 1
"Even the child of shitty parents deserves to dream of a bright future!"
—Heiya in the manga special Chapter Seven of Spades 3

Akane Heiya is a character first appears in the special chapter.




Before BorderlandEdit

When Heiya was a little girl, her mother began having affair in their own house and would tell her daughter to keep secret. Despite her father's seemingly obliviousness because of work, Heiya's neighbors were aware of the scandal and used it to mock her. When Heiya entered high school, her mother died with her lover in a traffic accident. Like mother, Heiya acted frivolous in school and even seduced male schoolmate who was dating another girl. Heiya refused to smoke even though she was being surrounded by smoking friends because she dreamed one day she would marry her soulmate and did not want the smoking habit affected her baby's health.


Like most new players of the Borderland, Heiya is clueless and joins her first game, the Seven of Spades (Bowl of Torture) lacking any sense of alertness. With sheer luck, Heiya becomes the only survivor of the 7 participants when the whole arena is destroyed by the initial burst of hot spring, but Heiya is also wounded during her escape from the arena, notably her left leg is broken when she jumps into a pool with debris. After clearing the game, Heiya's left leg is amputated and replaced with a Flex-Foot Cheetah. She carries a bow as her weapon of choice.